Team Bumper BigFish
Trinity Elementary School

Game description: Bump is a board game that mixes math with fun. Bump is about bumping and freezing coins. The goal of the game is to fill a vertical/horizontal/diagonal row with coins of the same color and win the game! It will improve your addition, subtraction and multiplication skills. It is a 2 player game - not less, not more. In this game there are 2 type of coins in 2 different colors, one game board and many math problem cards. The math problems can be easy, medium or hard and players can choose difficulty level.

  • 2 Player game for ages 7+
  • To start the game, roll a dice. Player with largest number picks color or goes first. Other player makes the remaining choice.
  • Player picks a card from deck and solves a math problem. If they answer correctly, they can place coins on the square that has the correct answer in it. Player can place coins in one or more squares as long as the square has their answer.
  • Easy Card: 1 coin,  Medium Card: 2 coins and Hard Card: 3 coins
  •  If a player gets an answer wrong then they do not get to place any coins and it is the other person’s turn. Next player picks a card and if they answer correctly, they can bump the other player’s coins that are in the answer square or they can pick a different square to place their coins.
  • If a player gets 3 coins in a square then the square is frozen and the other player cannot bump them from that square anymore. Each player gets a free square where coins can be played for any correct answer.
  • The first player to get all squares in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) wins the game.