Merced City School District
Summer Academy 2018

Game description: The objective of our game is to be the first player to stack the tallest tower, under 1 minute and 20 seconds by solving addition and subtraction problems. 

  • Each player gets 25 cards and 25 blocks.
  • 1 spinner that has numbers 0-13.
  • 1-3 players can play Blockos at one time .
  • The tallest player goes first.
  • One of the players will be responsible for the calculator to check if the players’ answers are correct.
    The calculator person will also have a stopwatch.
  • Each Game Round will last 1 minute and 20 seconds, track time using stopwatch . 
  • The first player will pick a math card and solve that question. Calculator person will check if the player is correct.
  • If the player is correct they will be able to spin the spinner. The number that the spinner lands on is the number of blocks that the player will receive to begin building their tower.
  • If the player is incorrect, they will not be able to spin the spinner. They will not get any blocks. The calculator person will give them the correct answer so they can learn the math.
  • As each player finishes their turn, the other player must start their turn within 2 seconds after the other player finishes. Example: Player 1 finishes his/her turn. Player 2 must pick up a new card within 2 seconds. If Player 2 takes longer than 2 seconds, then Player 2 loses his’her turn. Player 1 goes again.
  • As each player collects more blocks, they will continue to build a tower. If a player’s tower knocks over as they are building, they will have to start all over.
  • Once the 1 minute and 20 seconds is up, players put their hands up and the calculator/stopwatch person checks the towers to see who wins.