Angle World

The Angle Players

Veterans Memorial Intermediate School 


Game description:  The objective is to get to Angle World Depot before anyone else does to get your free prize. The story setting is Angle World: “You are at home, watching tv, when you see an ad saying that you can get a free prize at Angle World Depot. But only one person can get it, and everyone else wants it. Funny thing is, you live in Angle World. So you have to go through and solve angle measurements to get there. Whoever gets to Angle World Depot first, gets the free prize!” Some prizes include a lifetime supply of cake, or even an iPhone. Have fun!

  • 2-4 players
  • Use dice to travel around the board
  • Draw surprise cards or angle shop cards depending on what square you land on - follow the instructions on the surprise cards
  • Solve for angles when you land on angle shop cards - the degree of the angle you solve for equals the amount of cash earned
  • If you land on a money square, you have to pay that amount in order to move forward
  • The game ends when the first player reaches the Angle World Depot