Visualize Financial Literacy

Have you ever thought about ways to visualize financial situations? Over the past two years, MIND Research Institute's team has been building a next-generation financial literacy program, thanks to funding from PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc. One of the central components of this program is a visual financial modeling tool. 

Just as our ST Math program takes symbolic math and turns it into visual puzzles, this modeling tool takes what used to be text fields in an online calculator and turns it into a real-time, visual, interactive graphing tool.

The tool uses a drag and drop interface to allow students to visually set all the variables and adjust them in real time. Imagine being able to model any financial situation, from investment situations to loan amounts, and then modify a percent, payment amount, or the time to see how that change would impact your final result. The modeling powers and insights are endless.

Below is a sneak peak at an early prototype of the tool.


Interested in seeing more? Vote for my session to be included at SXSWedu next spring, and I'll share this interactive model plus other innovative tools under development at MIND!

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Ki Karou

About the Author

Ki Karou is a seasoned expert in game-based learning and visual learning, with a focus on helping learners build mental schema and problem-solve. As the Senior Director of Product at MIND Education, Ki has led a team of learning and game designers, artists, and mathematicians in developing neuroscience-driven ed tech solutions for over a decade. A sought-after speaker and published author, Ki has shared his expertise at events like SXSW EDU and contributed articles to publications including the Huffington Post.


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