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Pickerington Schools Move to "Tradigital" Math Classrooms

Pickerington Schools in Ohio has over 10,000 students and a notable 96.5% graduation rate. This high-achieving district takes pride in prioritizing student engagement and enthusiasm for learning. 

Embracing technology as the best frontier for education innovation, they set the goal to develop a unique blended learning approach that challenged and motivated both teachers and students: the "Tradigital Learning Plan." 

ST Math has really helped us move away from the teacher-led classroom to the student-driven. The mindset that it's okay for kids to fail or struggle, and not to try to jump in as the teacher to save the day -- this change is happening.

-Brian Seymour, Director of Instructional Technology, Pickerington Local School District

Read more about Pickerington Schools' journey to personalized learning in this downloadble PDF:

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Edith Esparza

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Edith Esparza is an Education Engagement Specialist at MIND and loves sharing her passion for learning. Follow her on Twitter: @EdithEsparza_EE


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