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ST Math Support Team: JiJi's Friendly Service Experts

As the creators of the online visual instructional program, ST Math, MIND Research Institute is known for delivering exceptional product support to educators and families across the nation. MIND's support team is truly the backbone of our success. This small and mighty group ensures everything is running smoothly to keep users on track with their learning goals.

We Live for Solving Problems 

Playing and facilitating ST Math can get challenging at times - sometimes by design if your students are on some of the trickier levels. We’re here to help you through it! We receive hundreds of weekly messages on average from users seeking support, and we respond to everything! Watch our friends Kayla and Huey review some of the recent inquiries we’ve received in our inbox.

Meet the Team

Each team member fully embodies our organization’s core values and strives to deliver the best service to our schools, districts, and families. They help facilitators navigate challenging puzzles, provide detailed responses to troubleshoot technical issues, and assist teachers with anything from retrieving a student's password to advanced reporting. As former educators themselves, they can offer their ST Math expertise and classroom experience to ensure learning never stops. 

James Masterton

James Masterton

James has been with MIND since 2013 and manages the entire support team. In 2015, he produced an award-winning movie about his cat. It’s called Chatty Catties. He married the movie's director in 2016 on the Monday after Thanksgiving to have a flexible anniversary and a long weekend off work to celebrate each year. 


Katy PascoKaty Pascoe

Katy cares deeply about the people she helps. She's won't hesitate to go the extra mile to get to the bottom of some of the most challenging problems. People love receiving help from Katy because she is incredibly patient and offers concise answers. Before becoming a teacher, she ran a hospital laboratory in Botswana and set up a children's health program accepted by UNICEF. 


Lorena ChirinoLorena Chirino

Lorena spends her time between calls creating new help articles for our schools and has spent several years in support tech while completing her master’s in Business Administration. She is proudly outnumbered at home by her boys, and when she’s not running after them, she enjoys hiking, camping, and being outdoors.

More Ways to Get Help 

Aside from calling or emailing our support team, here are some great resources to look at when your student, or you, are feeling stuck in ST Math.

ST Math Help Site

When looking for answers to common ST Math questions, we recommend visiting the ST Math Help Site, where we have hundreds of articles about our program. You can type your question in the search bar or click on a list of topics to find articles related to your question. You can also read our support team’s blog, Just in Time with JiJi, for the latest product announcements with the most up-to-date features

ST Math Academy 

The ST Math Academy has interactive professional training courses to help educators and families support their student's math learning. The units will take you from getting started, using the data to get the best results, to reinforcing positive habits of mind during ST Math time and beyond.

Facebook User Groups

Whether you’re playing ST Math at school or have a homeschool subscription, you can connect with our online communities by joining the ST Math Facebook groups. With thousands of members in our School and Homeschool groups, you can post your questions there and receive help from our moderators as well as other users. 

Puzzle Talks

Another great resource is our Puzzle Talks, which have been especially popular. These pre-built lesson plans use our games as a starting point for deeper learning opportunities. Each Puzzle Talk comes with a list of extensions, activities, questions, and advice for using printable or everyday items as manipulatives in the lesson.

Support Spotlight: Helping ST Math Users During the Pandemic

When COVID-19 began impacting the U.S. and schools transitioned to distance learning, ST Math's daily active users skyrocketed. The increased usage tripled the support team’s daily caseloads, and they received twice the number of calls and emails than the usual back-to-school peak season. 

In response, the team increased its back-end software capacity, added more team members, and extended the workday by an additional hour to take calls later in the evening. These adjustments helped keep response times down despite the massive spike in demand. 

Their efforts paid off. The average call wait time was only 33 seconds, and the average response time to emails was only 30 minutes. While they couldn't fully honor their policy of answering all emails within one business day during this time, the team achieved that same service level with 98.3% of emails.

Human connection and kindness are two guiding principles that influence the way we approach all of our interactions, and it came as no surprise that ST Math was a 2021 CODiE Award finalist for Best Customer Experience in EdTech.

Although we experienced a surge in customer interactions, we made sure that we didn't compromise on the quality of service. Every issue is important to us, and we always enjoy speaking with our customers and working through their questions until we reach a solution together.

James Masterton

Need Help? Let Support Save the Day!

Want to experience this amazing level of support? Please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here for you. You can pick up the phone, send us an email, or reach out to us on social media. 

Our goal is to respond to all inquiries within one business day, but it might take us a little longer when things get especially busy. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please provide us with as much information as you can to help us serve you best.

ST Math Support is open during the Summer season Monday through Friday, 6 am to 5 pm pacific time. 

  • Email us at;
  • Call us at (888) 491-6603 or;
  • Ask your questions on Facebook or Twitter.
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