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Using ST Math Reports to Inform Teaching

Today, teachers are expected to be data experts on top of their already brimming workloads. In order to better equip their students for success and truly personalize learning, they must know how to organize, evaluate and utilize the abundance of student data available to them.

This is why we at MIND Research Institute make it a priority to ensure that our ST Math educators have the capability to inform their teaching with access to just-in-time data that is intuitive and easy to understand.

Educators can use ST Math data strategically to:

  • Oversee the implementation of ST Math

  • Identify which standards are mastered and which present challenges

  • Engage in meaningful data conversations (with both parents and administrators)

  • Monitor intervention strategies

How to Use ST Math Reports to Inform Teaching

So, how can educators leverage the amazing amount of student information available with ST Math reporting to inform their teaching and, ultimately, help all their students succeed?

With ST Math reports, teachers can:

  • Help identify areas where students may be struggling.

  • Ensure that they are meeting their usage goals and no students are falling behind.

  • Show student progress by objective to inform parents on their child’s performance.

  • Identify potential areas for further class or small group review.

  • Prioritize which students need help with their ST Math sessions.

With the following teacher’s guide we equip ST Math teachers with a detailed breakdown on each ST Math report screen and how it can be leveraged for maximum benefit to inform their teaching. Take a look below!

Download Guide

PreK-6 ST Math Report Screens

MSS/HSI ST Math Report Screens

In addition, ST Math educators can explore the elements of each type of report screen and find a list of questions to help guide data discussions in ST Math Central.

Dive Deeper into ST Math Reports

Interactive Report

If you want to explore ST Math Reports, you can access an interactive view with more detailed information about each report here.

Teacher PD

If you’re interested in learning more, our professional development team offers online and in-person training and support.

For example, our Reports and Facilitation two-hour webinar dives deeper into ST Math reports and how to use the information provided to improve student achievement. We highly recommend it for content specialists, coaches, building leaders and teachers.

ST Math Reports

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