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Introducing ST Math Chats [Video]

A new feature is coming to ST Math this fall! ST Math Chats use the visual models and manipulatives of ST Math puzzles to deepen learning through whole-class discussion. 

ST Math Chats are 25-30 minute lessons that utilize 1:1 or 2:1 technology to create an interactive learning and sharing experience. Using a Play-Discuss-Apply model, these lessons designate time for students to play an ST Math game, participate in whole class discussion, and apply what they’ve learned on a conclusion problem.Play-Discuss-Apply Math Chats

Easy-To-Use and Versatile

ST Math Chats lessons are aligned to grades 3-5 standards, and designed for easy implementation. Teachers can launch the lessons directly from their ST Math console to:
  • Introduce new math concepts
  • Dive deeper into current concepts
  • Review concepts to strengthen understanding


Rich Content -> Rich Academic Discourse

When students are truly engaged in learning, they want to talk about it. This type of discussion is an organic product of the learning process, and assists students in reinforcing and deepening conceptual understanding.

ST Math Chats will be available as a beta feature in Fall 2019. Schools interested in using ST Math Chats should contact their Education Success Manager.

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