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Off the Number Line: Birth of a Right Triangle

right triangle funny math cartoon


Giving birth to a right triangle…that sounds painful!


It’s not an easy birth process, but it’s all worth it seeing those two acute little angles when they finally come out.


I’m sure the mother’s feelings flip a full 180 degrees! And what’s that math the doctor is proposing to perform?


That’s from the Pythagorean theorem a² + b² = c². When you take the square root of both sides, you get √( a² + b²) equals c. So they are going to perform a “c” section. When they’re too big, it’s a lot easier to take the baby out through the hypotenuse!


Hahaha! Where do you come up with these things? Too funny…looking forward to the next Off the Number Line cartoon!


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Matthew Peterson and James Huang

About the Author

Matthew Peterson, Ph.D., is Co-founder and Chief Research & Development Officer at the MIND Research Institute. James Huang is Senior Visual Designer at MIND Research Institute.


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