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Profiles in Success: Pickerington Schools Unveils "Tradigital" Approach

A high-performing Ohio school district uses ST Math and a 1:1 device program to engage and challenge their students, with impressive results.

By Christine Byrd March 15, 2018

Pickerington Schools in Ohio boasts an impressive 95.6% graduation rate for its 10,000+ students.  Yet traditional math instruction was leaving their students disengaged, especially in junior high.

In order to challenge and motivate both teachers and students, Pickerington administrators launched a 1:1 district-wide device program with a plan to blend the best of digital and traditional approaches: a "Tradigital Learning Plan."  See for yourself how it's working:



To learn more about how Pickerington Schools reenergized their math education, click below.

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Christine Byrd writes about STEM and education issues for MIND Research Institute.

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