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Partnerships Highlight: Cox Communications and STEM Education

Collaboration.  Community.  Social Responsibility. 

Cox Communications believes deeply in all three and works to bring them to life, transforming these concepts into real, powerful, impactful change for the communities and people they serve.  Thanks to Cox, MIND’s newest public service announcement (PSA) promoting our upcoming 3rd annual Math Fair will be aired throughout the month of October. The PSA elevates our mission to take math out of the classroom and into the community, inviting families to come together as they experience math in all its beauty, form and fun! 



“As a technology company, we know the value of STEM education, and are thrilled to support MIND and the 2016 Math Fair. We love the work MIND is doing to elevate math learning and make it a fun experience for the whole family."

- Sam Attisha, senior vice president and region manager for California, Cox Communications


Cox Communications strives to develop and support initiatives that enhance education through innovation and technology, bridge the digital divide, and encourage environmental responsibility in an effort to strengthen cities, businesses and future generations. Cox collaborates with a variety of local nonprofits in their Orange County service area and MIND is honored to work with Cox serving local students.

In addition to airing MIND's PSA on their family of stations, Cox is providing both financial support and volunteer participation to help make this year’s Math Fair a day of fun and learning for children and parents here in Orange County.  Connecting with the community is an integral part of Cox Communications' core values and MIND is deeply grateful to be a part of their circle of support!

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Vanessa Ryan

About the Author

As a Social Impact Director at MIND Research Institute, Vanessa Ryan is a highly flexible creative thinker who enjoys utilizing collaboration and teamwork to leverage resources and maximize impact.


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