Math Fair Sneak Peek: Math Mystery Theater

What if we could change the perception of math from being an enigma to being a part of our everyday lives?

Registration is filling up fast for the third annual Math Fair --a free, family-fun event that will excite young minds as they interact with mathematically-themed activities, games, exhibits and performances. This year’s Math Fair will take place on Saturday, November 5th at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa, CA. Perfect for all ages, Math Fair visitors will experience the beauty and power of mathematics while problem-solving.

The Audience Solves the Mysteries at Math Mystery Theater

The stage will be set for pure mathematical genius! 

The Math Mystery Theater’s talented performers will transport you to the Candy Counter where Dum Dum and the Candy Maker will delight, entertain and educate children and parents alike. Gumballs galore coupled with hilarious foibles and follies will engage the audience as they actively participate in solving mystery equations with state-of-the-art interactive technology developed by MIND Research Institute.


IMG_7907.jpg The audience works together using their mathematical skills to help the actors solve problems!

Using virtual classroom technology on tablet computers situated throughout the theater, young audience members interact with the on-stage action, helping the Candy Maker and Dum Dum solve a sticky situation involving estimation, arithmetic, and logic with even and odd numbers. The action takes place in a colorful candy laboratory and includes an Alien Laser Ray!


The Math Mystery Theater experience combines math and fun!

Join Us at Math Fair: You Won’t Believe It’s Math!

There's a couple of ways to join the fun! You can sign up to attend with your whole family, or register to volunteer and bring the experience to life for the community:

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Volunteer at Math Fair

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