Off the Number Line: Disclaimer

Disclaimer math cartoon


Too funny. You see those disclaimers on TV shows and websites. Now, even data points on graphs need them.


Graphs and plots convey stories and each data point helps tell those stories. Here the disclaimer is on an apparent outlier. Many people consider outliers as data points that go against the overall story in an extreme way. But it’s important to realize that figures can tell multiple stories and sometimes outliers are telling the more interesting story. Usain Bolt is an outlier who helped us rethink body mechanics and how fast a person can run. Many scientists believe life on Earth is an outlier. That’s certainly a more interesting story…at least to earthlings.


You make some good points!


Don’t tell me that was a pun.


Hahaha. Looking forward to the next Off the Number Line math cartoon!


What can you do when you major in mathematics? See what a day in the life of a mathematician is like!

Matthew Peterson and James Huang

About the Author

Matthew Peterson, Ph.D., is Co-founder and Chief Research & Development Officer at the MIND Research Institute. James Huang is Senior Visual Designer at MIND Research Institute.


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