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Langston Hughes Raises Scores With Personalized Math Instruction

Educators at Langston Hughes Academy (LHA) in Louisiana prioritize meeting the different ability levels and educational needs of all their students. They started by targeting math, where small learning gaps can often become huge roadblocks. After introducing ST Math as a curriculum supplement to provide targeted, personalized intervention, they saw big changes.

ST Math is individualized: kids could work at their own pace and it kept them engaged. The program was challenging at the beginning, but that’s what kept the students interested.

—Emily Hunyadi, Assistant Principal, Langston Hughes Academy

With increased student engagement and perseverance, 68% of LHA’s students met their NWEA Map Growth goals in the 2016-2017 school year—a significant improvement over 48.5% just two years ago.

Read more about how LHA made math accessible for all students:

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Ieva Galinyte

About the Author

Ieva Galinyte is an associate product manager at MIND Research Institute. She enjoys writing about and keeping up with the latest trends in math education.


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