Join JiJi's Summer Math Club and Keep Students Learning

Encourage students to keep meaningful math learning happening this summer with JiJi and other mathematical experiences!

*This blog was updated on May 8th, 2024

Can you hear it? Waves lapping the beach, ice cream truck jingles, basketballs bouncing on sidewalks, and the crackle of a bonfire or barbecue—summer's almost here!

As the traditional school year winds down and summer heats up, we invite your students and you to participate in one of our favorite ST Math challenge themes: JiJi's Summer Math Club!


This summer-long challenge is open to all ST Math schools or classes with an active license for summer school, as well as schools using ST Math Immersion. Individual students—including ST Math Homeschool students—are also welcome to participate!

JiJi's Summer Math Club is also another expanded learning opportunity and a great way to encourage students to play ST Math and accelerate their math achievement while having fun at the same time. 

Let's start with our school/class challenge. For the individual students' challenge, keep scrolling!

How to Play

Participating in JiJi's Summer Math Club as a school or class is quick, easy, and completely free! Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your ST Math Administrator account.

    ST Math Academy Sign in

  2. Navigate to the Usage tab.

    Usage Tab

  3. If your weekly minutes average is 30 or above, take a screenshot of your dashboard and post to Twitter OR Instagram. Make sure to include @STMath AND #JiJisMathClub.

    Not currently using social media but still want to participate? Email your entry to info@stmath.com. 

    Usage 50 puzzles Columbus Park Prep MA

How to Participate as an Individual Student

Each week, have your student choose at least one of the activities JiJi's picked out for them to keep learning and growing in math. Use a sticker, pen, or other marker to indicate which activity was completed each week. 

  1. Print out the JiJi's Summer Math Club tracker or save it digitally. We're going to hang ours on the fridge!

    JiJis Summer Math Club Tracker  PDF-2
  2. Have your student choose at least one activity to try each week for six weeks out of the summer. When they complete an activity, mark it on the tracker! Here are the different categories of activities to choose from and how to complete them:

    ST Math
    Play ST Math for at least 60 minutes over the course of the week! It can be all at once, or broken up into 30 minute sessions, 20 minute sessions, etc.

    Developing Our MathMINDs
    Complete one of the activities from our 8-week Developing Our MathMINDs series! You can find a list of all of the activities at the bottom of this blog post.

    MathMINDs Games
    Read one of the MathMINDs storybooks and then play the accompanying game, if available. Find the full list of storybooks, printables, and online games here under free resources.

    See the Math
    Get creative with this one! How can you see math in everyday summer activities? Is there math involved in swimming, cooking, baseball, nature walks, trips to the grocery store, art museums, roller coasters, bubbles, etc.? Encourage your student to make mathematical connections to the things around them. Have a thoughtful conversation with them about the math they're seeing. Isn't it amazing? Math is everywhere!

  3. If your student completes their tracker, take a screenshot of it and post to Twitter OR Instagram. Make sure to include @STMath AND #JiJisMathClub. You can also share photos of the activities as your student tries and completes them. We'd love to celebrate summer with you!

    Not currently using social media but still want to participate? Email your entry to info@stmath.com. 

Want to let others know that you're a member of JiJi's Summer Math Club? Post this image on your social media accounts.

jijis summer math club (Twitter Posts)

Looking for other inspiring ST Math challenge themes? Just visit the link here to see how your school or classroom can get started with some past challenge ideas—or start one from scratch and share it with us on social media!

Now, go enjoy your summer!

Kelsey Skaggs

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Kelsey Skaggs was the Communications Manager at MIND Education. She enjoys highlighting the work of colleagues and partners who champion MIND's mission.


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