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Celebrating JiJi Culture at Home + Summer Math Activities

With hybrid learning being the new reality for teachers, I wanted to highlight a few ways our ST Math teachers are promoting a love for math and celebrating JiJi culture outside of the typical classroom environment. 

Bonus: With summer vacation just right around the corner, I also compiled a few fun and engaging math activities to stretch your brains this summer!

What is JiJi Culture?

JiJi culture is an ST Math celebration of math love in the classroom (in-person or online), at home, and beyond! 

Educators use ST Math to deeply engage, motivate, and challenge PreK-8 students toward higher achievement in math. By celebrating JiJi culture, students develop the necessary confidence to believe in themselves and their math abilities. 

Some principles JiJi culture is based on include:

  • Perseverance and creative problem solving.
  • Embracing the productive struggle that comes with new challenges.
  • Having a growth mindset to learn (and grow) from mistakes.
  • A love and appreciation for mathematics.


5 Ways Teachers Celebrate JiJi Culture at Home

1) Make JiJi their At-Home Learning Pal

K-2 math coach Leigh Boland (@leigh_boland) documented her adventures with JiJi for her teachers and students. Here is one of my favorites where Ms. Boland and her daughter are showcasing their geometric chalk art. What a creative way to combine math and art for a fun, outdoors activity!

First grade teacher Miss Erazo (@MissErazo) brought joy to her students with a surprise visit from JiJi on their weekly math lesson via Google Meets. 

Want your own lovable learning pal? You can purchase a JiJi plushie at the JiJi Store in the MIND Marketplace.


2) Problem Solve Together

Despite learning remotely, these teachers and their students used video calling tools to engage in meaningful math conversations while problem solving together on ST Math.  

3) Send JiJi Snail Mail

Nothing beats the feeling when you receive something fun in the mail! These students got to experience just that from their teachers when they received a motivational letter to keep up the great work with their printed ST Math certificate of completion to help them celebrate their accomplishment at home with their families. 

4) Host In-Person or Virtual ST Math Celebrations

Time can be limited with your students, but consider using some of that time to celebrate your students’ successes and call out specific learning moments. These celebrations may help provide the motivation to continue the learning over the summer.

5) Participate In a School-Wide ST Math Usage Challenge

Some classrooms, schools and districts track ST Math usage using the reports and celebrate milestones and success through healthy competition. We’re used to seeing classroom hallways and bulletin boards used to track usage but with remote learning, our community had to think outside the box. Now, we see classrooms, grade bands, and schools using virtual leaderboards, and visualizations can be used to track and share progress online!

I’m amazed at the creativity and dedication of teachers everywhere, and I hope these ideas inspire you too! 

Summer Math Activities

Challenge your students to continue learning with JiJi over the summer.

The ST Math Usage Calendar is a great way for students to keep track of their progress every time they use ST Math over break. With the tracker, students can mark the number of minutes and puzzles completed in a given day keeping them accountable and motivated. 

ST Math Usage Calendar

Download the Spanish version>>

For more summer math activity ideas, check out the blog 16+ Summer Math Activities for Kids

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