Introducing the new MIND on MATH Blog: Empowering educators to build problem solvers

We're excited to share some big news with you - Welcome to MIND on MATH, our new blog from MIND Education and MIND Research. This is where we’ll dive into innovative approaches to math education and invite experts to share their insights. Join us to explore innovative teaching techniques, brain-based learning principles, and expert insights to enhance your approach to math instruction.


To kick off our new blog, we’ll share a series of posts that delve into our unique approach to learning math the way the brain learns. These initial blogs will highlight how we integrate real-world problem-solving into the curriculum, foster student engagement and motivation in students, and leverage technology for effective learning experiences. Our aim is to nurture a new generation of confident, capable mathematicians who see themselves as "math people."

As part of our kick off, we’ll launch a thought-provoking series titled “Rethinking Math Education: Preparing Our Students for Tomorrow.” This series will explore the urgent need to reimagine math education to ensure our students develop the skills necessary for a rapidly changing world. Watch for upcoming posts like “My Daughter Doesn't Need My Mother's Math Education” and “Why Traditional Math is Failing Our Students: A Call for Transformation,” that will spark meaningful conversations among educators and administrators alike.

MIND on MATH is more than just a blog; it’s a hub for understanding how the brain learns, particularly math. We’re committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and connection among educators, sharing success stories, and highlighting research and trends. You can expect to hear from leading voices in the field, providing valuable perspectives and expert content.

We invite you to subscribe to MIND on MATH. Together, we can redefine what it means to teach and learn math the way the brain learns, ensuring that every student is equipped with the skills they need to thrive in the future.

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Jennifer Anderson

About the Author

Jennifer Anderson is the Senior Manager of Content Marketing at MIND Education. Passionate about education, she focuses on fostering engagement and building meaningful connections. Through compelling narratives and innovative programs, Jennifer strives to empower educators and enrich students’ learning experiences.


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