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Warren Township’s Teachers and Students Adopt a Growth Mindset

In order to meet the challenge of new state standards in math, the Metropolitan School District of Warren Township looked for ways to engage and encourage students to problem solve. Introducing a blended learning model, 1:1 access to devices, and ST Math helped spark student interest and encourage them to delve deeper into mathematical concepts.

ST Math has taught our students and teachers that it’s okay to have productive struggle.

—Mercedes Moore, Instructional Specialist, Sunny Heights Elementary

These days Warren Township's students have a growth mindset. They believe in their ability to succeed and don't get discouraged by momentary failure. Students of all grade levels develop creative solutions instead of relying on formulas and persevere through even the toughest math problems.

Read more about how Warren Township helped students grow into mathematical problem solvers:
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Ieva Galinyte

About the Author

Ieva Galinyte is an associate product manager at MIND Research Institute. She enjoys writing about and keeping up with the latest trends in math education.


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