14 Educator Social Media Accounts That Inspire Us

Well, it's 2022 and we are off to quite the start! While there is so much good going on—the ST Math Winter Waddle, several big edtech conferences, and the chance to reinvigorate students with math learning—there are also more hurdles than ever before. Obstacles that once seemed easily surmountable are feeling a little heavier this year.

It's not just us. We're hearing stories of challenges (and triumphs!) from many.  Honestly, we have never been more impressed by our education partners' creativity, perseverance and resilience. We know that you can't pour from an empty cup though, and are hoping you are taking moments to rest and recharge when possible. We also know that it can be hard to feel and stay inspired right now. That's where we come in! 

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Social media can be an amazing tool for so many purposes. One of the simplest reasons I turn to it is to laugh, learn and feel motivated. In no particular order, here are some of my colleagues' and my favorite educational social media accounts. We rounded them all up in one place in case you were looking for a little inspiration.

Twitter Educator Accounts to Follow

1. Nikki Wallace @nwallacecxh

Nikki Wallace is an educator, researcher, speaker and lover of all things science. She innovates and solves local problems in her biology classroom. We love a problem solver, and you'll love Nikki's upbeat posts that keep you learning with interesting tidbits about STEM and teaching.

2. Jenn Donais @jenndonais

Jenn Donais is a middle school math coach. She won the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching in 2016—the highest recognition that a K-12 math or science teacher can receive for outstanding teaching in the U.S. We understand why! Jenn is always inspiring us by sharing all the fun ways her students are experiencing math and science.

3. Jacqueline Moreno @jhmoreno

Jacqueline Moreno describes herself as an educator striving for excellence. She helps learners discover possibilities as a director of elementary math and science. We look to her for inspiring quotes and math connections.

4. Dr. David Miyashiro @davidmiyashiro

As a superintendent, Dr. David Miyashiro shares sweet moments from his teachers, students and career. We can't help but smile when a post from David pops up on our feed.

5. David Kauffman @david_kauffman

David Kauffman describes himself as a leader committed to equal opportunity for all children. Follow David for the resources and insight he shares around equity and opportunity in education.

Instagram Educator Accounts to Follow

6. Nicholas Ferroni @nicholasferroni

Nicholas Ferroni says that as a kid, he wanted to be a superhero, psychologist, philanthropist, philosopher, actor and comedian...so he became a teacher! Sometimes, the best way to stay inspired is by remembering that you're not alone in your feelings. We love how Nicholas shares all facets of what it's like to be an educator right now.

7. Leigh Boland @coachingjoyfulleigh

Leigh Boland is a K-2 math instructional coach, former 2nd and 5th grade teacher, military wife and mom of two. Her passionate posts about math and education keep us coming back to her page. She also might love JiJi the penguin just as much as we do!

8. Greg Coleman @mrelementarymath

Greg Coleman is an elementary math coach that loves making math clear, simple and fun. As a kid who struggled with math in school, Greg wanted his students to have the opposite experience. Follow him for his innovative ideas on how to get students excited about math. 

9. Stephanie Yi @mathwithmsyi

Stephanie Yi is a middle school math teacher who loves to find ways to make math engaging to her students. Follow her to delight in math moments and find inspiration for your own classroom.

10. Kierra Jones @teachingbusybees

Kierra Jones is currently a 5th grade English language arts and social studies educator, but her past as a math and science teacher shine through her posts. Kierra says that her TeachingBusyBees platform was created to learn from, inspire and motivate women and men of all ages in and out the classroom.

LinkedIn Educator Accounts to Follow

11. Jay Flores

Jay Flores is always making magic! Well, he'd tell you it's not magic, it's science! As a Global STEM Ambassador and founder of Invent The Change LLC, Jay knows just how important STEM is to the future of the world. Follow Jay to learn how to keep inspiring young minds to do cool things with STEM.

12. James Tanton

James Tanton, PhD. mathematics, is a research mathematician deeply interested in bridging the gap between the math experienced by school students and the creative math practiced and explored by mathematicians. In addition to quick engaging math lessons, we keep an eye on James's account for news about Global Math Week!

13. Dr. A. Tracie Brown

Dr. A. Tracie Brown posts all about school leadership. As chief schools officer and former assistant superintendent, Dr. Brown emphasizes people, learning, and leadership development. Follow her for inspirational quotes from others, pep talks, and ideas for how to help yourself and others shine.

14. Vicki Davis

Not only is Vicki Davis a director of instructional technology, she also is the founder of Cool Cat Teacher LLC where she writes a blog, hosts a podcast, and speaks across the country. Follow her as she shares everyday moments from her career as well as edtech best practices and resources.

Bonus: ST Math Social Media Accounts

Not to toot our own horn, but JiJi and our ST Math accounts frequently put a smile on my face. That may be because we're often retweeting and sharing inspiring content from our ST Math educators! I hope that you'll consider following some (or all!) of our accounts below. I also encourage you to share your ST Math moments with us on social by tagging @STMath or using #STMath in your posts.

What educator social media accounts are keeping you inspired these days? We would love to know! Give a shout out on your own accounts and tag #STMath so we can continue to expand our list.

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