Edtech Thought Leaders Gather for TCEA Convention in Texas

The 2019 TCEA Convention and Exposition – an exciting hub of activity for educators and ed tech leaders – was held in San Antonio, TX, on February 4-8. Originally the Texas Computer Education Association, TCEA has evolved its name, mission, and annual conference to extend far beyond Texas’ borders to impact the future of education technology across the country. 

The full scope of that impact was certainly on full display at the TCEA Convention and Exposition, with over 10,000 attendees eager to learn from more than 1,100 sessions and workshops, and more than 2,000 exhibitors in an expansive and exciting exhibition hall. 

In an exciting opening keynote, Dr. Mae Jemison—the first African American woman in space—spoke about the need for educational change, and the importance of a curious and resilient mind. In particular, Dr. Jemison spoke of the need to teach STEM subjects in a more hands-on way, saying, “You don’t teach people how to read by talking about what reading is like, so why are we teaching science by reading a book?”

At MIND Research Institute, we couldn’t agree more. When math is presented only as words and numbers on a page, we can miss out on understanding the meaning behind the math, and its applicability beyond this specific word problem on this specific test or worksheet. This is true not just for English learners (ELs) and those with difficulty focusing or reading, but also for all students. 

We believe that each and every student has the ability to think deeply about mathematical concepts. That’s why the visual instructional approach of our ST Math supplemental program builds a deep conceptual understanding of math through rigorous learning and creative problem solving. The puzzles are tough but fun, which ensures that students are actively engaged, motivated and challenged toward higher achievement. 

You can see our visual approach for yourself by playing some free ST Math games.

ST Math Impact in Texas

ST Math is being used in 42 districts, in 244 schools, and by over 100,000 students in Texas. The program is TEA-approved, TEKS-aligned and research proven to increase STAAR scores:


ST Math is working throughout Texas, offering equitable access and equitable growth for students of all kinds:

methodology-bar-graphYou can read the full Texas study here, and each of the subgroup studies at the following links:

You can learn more about the impact that ST Math is having in Texas, and across the country, at stmath.com.

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