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Cisco Spotlights MIND as a Global Problem Solver

Cisco’s Global Problem Solvers initiative is fueled by the belief that "the world needs people who can innovate as technologists, think as entrepreneurs, and act as social change agents." As part of the initiative, Cisco works with individuals and organizations around the globe to leverage the power of technology in addressing issues like poverty, unemployment and inequality.

Cisco Systems, Inc. has been a supporter of MIND Research Institute and the ST Math visual instructional program for over ten years now. Not only did Cisco’s investments in MIND help ST Math become web-based, but their networking solutions have helped MIND bring ST Math to over 1.2 million students in 47 states across the country.

Cisco further demonstrated their ongoing commitment to working with MIND when Cisco’s Senior Director of Corporate Affairs Mary deWysocki joined the board of directors for MIND in June of 2017.

Cisco recently released a short documentary showcasing MIND Research Institute as a Global Problem Solver.The video features MIND co-founder Chief Research & Development Officer Matthew Peterson, Ph.D discussing how MIND is addressing the challenge of critically low math proficiency rates in the US by revolutionizing visual learning. 

When Cisco first started to partner with us, they said that in order to impact the world, [ST Math] needs to be highly scalable. We would not be able to get there without Cisco’s help.

--Matthew Peterson, MIND Research Institute co-founder and Chief R&D Officer 

He also emphasized just how important Cisco’s investments, technology and overall support have been in expanding the reach of ST Math. 

You can learn about Cisco’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative and see more of the Global Problem Solvers series at

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Brian LeTendre

About the Author

Brian LeTendre was the Director of Impact Advancement at MIND Research Institute. In addition to building thought leadership and brand awareness for MIND, Brian worked cross-functionally internally and externally to amplify MIND's social impact and accelerate our mission. He is an author, podcaster and avid gamer.


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