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2016: Celebrating a Year of Growth

Growth can mean a lot of things. At MIND, we measure growth first and foremost in the transformation we see in student learning and particularly in the increased level of engagement, perseverance and creativity in mathematical problem solving. All students deserve the opportunity to become empowered learners and future innovators.

In 2016, we helped more than 1,000,000 students develop into rigorous problem solvers. Students like Ciera:   



We know that revolutionizing math education doesn't just happen in the classroom—it takes leaders in the corporate, nonprofit and education worlds coming together to engage with the larger community. 




Thank you to our visionary partners, and we hope you enjoy this look back at what we did together in 2016!


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Heera Kang

About the Author

Heera Kang was Manager of Engagement Content and Design at MIND Research Institute. Productive struggle, growth mindset and equity in education are some of her favorite topics.


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