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Celebrate JiJi Day 2022

JiJi Day is almost here again! Go ahead and mark your calendars for Friday, April 29.

Who is JiJi?

JiJi is the penguin who guides students through their ST Math journey. JiJi is a constant as students think through, attempt and solve challenging mathematical puzzles. In many cases, JiJi helps students put words to their relationship and productive struggle with math!

JiJi Day is a great opportunity to celebrate math, growth mindset, and perseverance. This year, JiJi Day will take place on Friday, April 29 and JiJi is celebrating 25 years of helping students through their math journey. Wow!

Celebrating 25 years of JiJi

Play ST Math

JiJi Day is a great day to get some extra ST Math minutes into your schedule. 

Here are some ideas to make JiJi Day special:

  • Consider running a JiJi Day marathon. Students can track their puzzles by recording what number of puzzles they start at and where they end. How many puzzles can your whole class complete in 25 minutes?
  • Assign the entire class a challenge objective. These puzzles require thinking outside of the box and are great to work on together in pairs or teams.
  • Allow flexible seating during ST Math time, such as under desks, on pillows, or even outside.
  • Wear red shoes or recreate another ST Math puzzle in real life! Here’s a fun example from Mason-Rice Elementary in Massachusetts:

Play a New Puzzle

Play a special 25 Years of JiJi puzzle from the game Turtle Sums. You can do this activity as a class, in small groups, or even send it home for a family math night activity.

  1. Read the storybook.
  2. Solve the new puzzle the turtles created to celebrate the 25 years that JiJi has been helping students. It’s a unique puzzle with three 7s, three 8s, and three 9s so the turtles could reach 25 as some of the sums!
  3. Play more digital Turtle Sums puzzles (optional).

Turtle Sums Bonus Puzzle Jiji Day 2022 - edit1 copy

Download PDF

Turtle Sums is part of MIND Research Institute's MathMINDs activities, which includes games, stories and maker activities to increase community engagement and connection with mathematics.

More Fun with the Number 25

There’s lots of other ways to explore the number 25 depending on where your students are in their math journey. What do you notice and wonder?

  • How many ways can we make the number 25 with addition (or subtraction, multiplication or division)
  • Where do you see 25 in the world around us? (or in an image, or outside)?
  • Or make up a word problem with JiJi and 25. If JiJi has 25 friends, and JiJi helps each friend solve 5 puzzles, how many puzzles did they solve altogether?

There are lots of opportunities to be creative on JiJi Day. Check out some of our past activities and printables. We can’t wait to see how you and your students celebrate!

Share your JiJi Day celebrations and tag JiJi:

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