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Math Midway 2 Go

As we write this, exhibits, games and one-of-a-kind math experiences are being set up in the Bren Events Center, where we expect 2,500 people to come and play with math at our inaugural Math Fair on Saturday. While we’ve called our Math Fair a “pop-up” museum, there is only one permanent math museum in the U.S.: The Museum of Mathematics in New York City. We are excited to have their traveling exhibit, Math Midway 2 Go, at our Math Fair for guests to enjoy.

Math Midway 2 Go

The Math Midway 2 Go includes six interactive math exhibits including:

  • Funny Face – a photo booth that allows kids to use a simple math equation to distort a picture of their face, similar to the math behind a computer’s photo editing software.
  • Number Line Tightrope – allows children to play with number families, deciphering what prime numbers, Fibonacci numbers, and pizza numbers have in common.
  • Ring of Fire – in this interactive laser exhibit visitors place solid objects in the path of invisible lasers in order to reveal their beautiful shapes.
  • Organ Function Grinder – makes fun with functions as guests insert a number ticket, set three dials, and crank to see how the function changes their number – and makes music!
  • Roller Graphicoaster – gives students the opportunity to build a roller coaster with slopes, and then a computer measure how fast a coaster car zips across their creation. Try to be the fastest!
  • Miles of Tiles – tiles in a variety of shapes can be placed together on a magnetic wall to create eye-catching patterns and tessellations.

Math Fair Games Math Midway Numberline

Children play with number families on the number line tightrope, one of the Math Midway 2 Go exhibits featured at the Math Fair.

Math Fair Games Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire exhibit reveals hidden shapes when visitors hold a solid object in a laser. It’s one of six exhibits from Math Midway 2 Go that will be featured at our Math Fair.

Space is filling up fast, but it’s not too late to register!

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Abby Daniels was Director of Communications at MIND Research Institute, where she worked for over 10 years as the organization transformed from a small, local nonprofit to a national leader in education.


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