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A Year in Review

describe the imageAnother year has come and gone, but 2013 proved to be exciting for all of us at MIND Research Institute. We’ve come a long way this year and were able to bring ST Math to more students across the country. Here’s the top 10 stories of 2013.


  1. Our partnership with Hyundai brought ST Math to a number of schools serving over 6,000 students. JiJi’s Fall Road Trip wraps up our visits to three different states to introduce ST Math to the schools and students.
  2. Through a partnership with Chevron, we presented a $92,500 grant to provide ST Math to Huntington Beach City School District, helping bring JiJi to more than 7,000 schools.
  3. The Cisco Foundation, a long time partner of ours, provided a generous $250,000 grant to help close the math achievement gap for 6,000 elementary and middle school students in 22 Virginia public schools. Because of our ongoing partnership with Cisco, we recognized them as a Partner In Innovation Award last month. They are proof that investing in innovation pays off.
  4. As you can see, philanthropic partnerships help us bring ST Math to more students than we ever thought possible. In September, Verizon sought to leverage the power of mobile technology and better equip students with vital early math skills. Their grant brought JiJi to 755 students at Jeffers Elementary, a Las Vegas K-5 school.

 Great Schools

  1.  Gilroy Prep, located in California was built with a strategic combination of technology, daily interventions, and teaching strategies that have proven to be successful. We got to hear first hand from Gilroy’s Principal James Dent, who provided exceptional examples of how to successfully implement a blended learning strategy, as well as how to use ST Math’s instructional software to its full potential.
  2. Last month we shared a story about one of our education partners in Arizona. Palomino Intermediate is a great example of a school that’s realized the full benefits of ST Math with their thoughtful and dedicated implementation of the program. They also make JiJi more than just the “math penguin” by incorporating the ST Math icon into their school-wide culture.
  3. Our friends over at FirstLine Schools in New Orleans, Louisiana shared their story about how they’ve created an “epic” around math to help increase the drive and motivation in students. After launching a narrative appearing to be from the President, teachers saw six weeks of sustained, record progress by students in ST Math that led right into state testing.

Proven Results

  1. A WestEd study released in May confirmed gains in schools using ST Math. Our instructional software “made a statistically significant impact on student math performance across 45 high-need, low-performing LAUSD elementary schools.”
  2. Lynchburg City Schools and District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) both announced success illustrated by triple growth rate on math proficiency after implementing ST Math in their schools. In fact, the proficiency rate in DCPS is now at a record level!


10. In October we received great recognition from both the Business Roundtable and  Change the Equation. After meeting rigorous standards and consistently yielding positive  results, ST Math was deemed to be ready for easy entry into any classroom in the  nation, and named one of five "outstanding" K-12 STEM education programs.

Thank you to all of our subscribers, followers, and partners for another successful year. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our blog so that you don’t miss exciting news in 2014!



Brie Albert

About the Author

Brienne is a Director of Education Success and former Elementary School Teacher. She speaks on behalf of the MIND Research Institute across the country to illuminate the power and necessity of neuroscience-based, interactive math software that is designed to teach all students how math really works.


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