Just in Time Customer Service

By Pam March

In the EdTech industry, timely customer support is critical. A teacher with a student getting an error code, while trying to access instructional software, is in need of immediate help. If the problem can’t get fixed right away, that student may miss out on valuable instructional time.

At MIND Research Institute, we spend a great deal of our resources making sure that our ST Math software customers – districts, schools and educators – get the help they need when they need it. Our mission is to provide a centralized point of contact to direct questions and report problems regarding ST Math. Our Customer Support staff investigates reported issues, assists the users in maximizing the efficacy of the software, and escalates issues as needed. Our Support Specialists are committed to providing quality service through teamwork and a proactive approach to problem identification and resolution.

Many of our Customer Support calls involve hardware issues interfering with access to or use of the ST Math software. Common problems include internet bandwidth or outdated supporting programs/applications (Adobe Flash or browsers). The software issues that our customers experience often have to do with not being able to load the program, or a page not displaying properly. Below is a checklist that will help customers address technical issues affecting their use of instructional software.  

  • Do all devices have a robust internet connection? Increasingly, instructional software is web-delivered and requires an internet connection. For ST Math, a high-speed connection is required for every computer and tablet running the software.
  • Is the software unable to load or giving you an error message? Chances are your cache needs to be cleared. Clear both your browser cache (history) and your flash cache. ST Math runs on Adobe Flash, so the most updated version is required to run ST Math properly. Again, upgrading is easy and free.

In addition to call-in support, MIND Research also provides educators using ST Math with access to the Teacher Resource Site. Here we have built a suite of resources to assist in the implementation of ST Math. “How to” videos including: starting up a class with ST Math; facilitating student learning in the computer lab; and monitoring student progress. We are continually adding to our on-demand library of resources, based on feedback from our users and our own internal data mining on common issue affecting implementation.

At MIND Research, our motivation to provide high-quality customer and technical support goes beyond keeping customers happy. We are dedicated to helping teachers and students maximize their use of ST Math so that they can see real results in student outcomes. These results are achieved through collaborative teamwork, proactive issue identification and by using feedback, from customers and our data, to inform our ongoing software development.  

Pam March was a support specialist for MIND Research Institute.

Please note:  To access MIND Research Customer Support, or the Teacher Resource Site, you must be a current customer with ST Math.  For information on how to get ST Math, click here.

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