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JiJi’s Fall Road Trip

As you may have heard, in June we partnered with Hyundai Motor America in an effort to improve math education for high-need elementary school students across the country. The initiative plans to reach nearly 6,000 students and 200 teachers in New York, Chicago, Spring, Texas and Pinellas, Florida. 

Soon after the partnership began, we hit the road to celebrate the start of ST Math at several participating schools. Here’s a recap of our journey:

We kicked off the campaign in Pinellas, Florida on September 27 at High Point Elementary School. Hundreds of students, educators and community leaders joined us to celebrate the grant from Hyundai which made ST Math possible in three Pinellas County Schools. To read more see the full press release or watch “High Point Elementary Gets a Penguin. 

On October 3, soon after visiting sunny Florida, we made our way to Spring, Texas to introduce JiJi to students at Burchett Elementary School. Thanks to Hyundai, four schools within the Spring Independent School District now have access to ST Math. This grant alone will reach more than 1,300 students and 49 teachers and help make a huge impact on math instruction in Texas. To read more see the full press release or watch “Hyundai Adds ST Math Computer Labs at 4 ISD Schools. 

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The next stop was New York on October 15th. We got to participate in a celebratory assembly at P.S. 1 Courtlandt School with Hyundai executives and representatives from New York City Public Schools (NYCPS). Approximately 3,000 students and 150 teachers spanning six public schools in the Bronx area that were currently using ST Math will now have expanded access including visually-based instructional software, teacher training and ongoing educational support. To learn more about NYCPS read the full press release or watch the News 12 Bronx feature.

“We’re honored that Hyundai is expanding its strategic partners with MIND Research Institute and bringing game-changing math education programs to many more students from impoverished backgrounds,” said Andrew R. Coulson, MIND’s Chief Strategist and Vice President of Product Development. “By strengthening children’s early foundation of math skills and problem-solving, they are developing tomorrow’s creative, innovative and mathematically fluent workforce.” 

“Hyundai understands the importance of fostering the next generation of problem-solvers who can develop innovative solutions to difficult challenges,” said Zafar Brooks, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity Inclusion at Hyundai Motor America. “That’s exactly what we’re doing with MIND Research Institute’s game-changing ST Math program and the help of local educators.” 

Stay tuned, as we’ll be visiting Chicago soon for our fourth and final event. Can’t wait to share details!

Brie Albert

About the Author

Brienne is a Director of Education Success and former Elementary School Teacher. She speaks on behalf of the MIND Research Institute across the country to illuminate the power and necessity of neuroscience-based, interactive math software that is designed to teach all students how math really works.


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