An Administrator's Guide for Back-to-School Success with ST Math

Back-to-school time can be a mixture of fast-paced planning and excitement that creates an energizing feeling all around. Whether you are new to ST Math or are familiar with the program, implementing ST Math with fidelity directly affects program progress and effectiveness.

As you and your teachers are preparing your school and classrooms for the much anticipated first day of school, here are a few tips and tricks to get you started on the right foot with ST Math.

These best practices set up your ST Math teachers for success by helping to deepen their students’ mathematical understanding and, most importantly, build excitement for math learning!

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Planning is Key

If you take the time to plan effectively for math instruction with ST Math, then the rest is a breeze. The most important part of planning is to identify your goals. How can ST Math help with your school's overall goals and vision for math instruction? Once you identify your goals, it’s important to communicate these goals to the rest of your staff and establish strategies for accountability.

Next, select your school’s ST Math team. These are the people that will ensure that the program is implemented with fidelity and can help facilitate teacher-led trainings. Including yourself, your team can consist of the assistant principal, technical lead, instructional coaches, lead teachers, and other stakeholders. Your ST Math team can also help construct an ST Math master schedule to keep your school on track to hit your ST Math goals and math targets.  

Also, don’t forget about the abundance of support available to you and your ST Math team. We have professional development available, including instructor-led trainings, self-guided online courses, and live webinars. A robust learning hub surrounding ST Math can be found on ST Math Central.

If additional support is needed, you can contact our helpful ST Math Support Team at support@mindresearch.org or (888) 491-6603 from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

Helpful Tips for Your ST Math Teachers

We recommend having your teachers use the ST Math implementation planning sheet to help them:

  • Determine the implementation style that most fits with their classroom needs (i.e. lab, whole class, or rotation).
  • Plan their ST Math schedule.
  • Devise a plan for monitoring ST Math.
  • Compile a list of math toolkit essentials.
  • Brainstorm strategies to promote student thinking, communication, accountability, and closing activities.

ST Math ProTip: We recommend 60 minutes per week for grades K-1 and 90 minutes per week for grades two and up.


Download the ST Math Planning Sheet (Fillable Word Doc)

Another great resource for your teachers, both new and returning to ST Math, is our “3 Easy Steps to Get Your Students Started on ST Math” guide, found here on ST Math Central. 

Create Excitement Around Math Learning

You can motivate your students and teachers by instituting a culture of enthusiasm around mathematical learning with ST Math and JiJi, the lovable penguin!  

New this school year for ST Math, are our 2019/2020 postcards which can be used to celebrate classroom achievements for reaching their own learning goals. This year's postcards will take students around the world to see amazing sites. From magical places under the surface to rocks suspended high above—these places have stories to tell.

The theme is geological features and before you start exploring, here is some background about rocks and geology. Take a look!


View more resources to help with student recognition and build a JiJi culture at your school: 

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