2021 Annual Report: Building Stronger Foundations

It's the most wonderful time of the year! MIND's 2021 Annual Report is here—a year in review of the organization’s and our partners’ amazing work. This is my fifth year contributing to the report and after all that time, I can still say it is one of my very favorite projects to work on.  

So often, we are moving quickly—onto the next task at hand. Compiling the Annual Report gives my colleagues and me the rare occasion to slow down and reflect on all that's been achieved in a year's worth of time. Every single year, I find myself smiling at the big and small moments that have led us to where we are today. I am also filled with sincere optimism when I think about what's ahead for MIND and the future of math education.


In addition to all of this, I am also reminded of the very serious challenges we faced in 2021 as an organization, community and country. Last year, we all were in survival mode as the Covid-19 pandemic hit and continued much longer than any of us could have anticipated. This year, as the impact of the pandemic and social injustice continued to raise awareness of long-standing issues in education, we leaned into that window of opportunity to build stronger foundations for systemic change.


Over the year, we formed several strategic partnerships that helped our patented approach to math reach more students across the country—from east to west and in between. With support from our partners, ST Math continued to expand, reaching even more students at such a critical time.


And while the early months of the pandemic required us to keep our distance, our use of technology and social media enabled us to further our mission and deepen the connections with the students, educators and families we serve.




When I really stop to think about our Annual Report, I see it mostly as a love letter to our partners. Their diversity, capacity, and collaboration is truly powerful, and we are grateful for you every day. 


This time last year, the world as we knew it had come to a halt. Yet, as the pandemic pressed on, MIND colleagues learned each day to leverage more and more of each other’s strengths to overcome adversity. As we all yearn for a return to normalcy, we continue to look for creative and rigorous solutions. Our Executive Director and Executive Vice President of Social Impact Karin Wu sums it up best:


The work is far from done, but as I reflect on the past twelve months and all of the challenges we have experienced, I am truly grateful and inspired by the dedication and brilliance of my colleagues and partners.


I encourage you to read through MIND's 2021 Annual Report for a look back on what we accomplished and where we are going. If you're interested, I've also put together this quick, 3-minute guided video tour of the report for you.



Cheers to a year of hard work and determination in 2021, and I am so excited to witness all that we'll work towards together in 2022. Are you feeling inspired to join us in transforming math education? Take up the mission and become a partner today. You can also view current career opportunities with MIND Research Institute here!

Kelsey Skaggs

About the Author

Kelsey Skaggs was the Communications Manager at MIND Education. She enjoys highlighting the work of colleagues and partners who champion MIND's mission.


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