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2018 Annual Report: Celebrating 20 Years of MIND

2018 was quite the year for MIND Research Institute! As we celebrated two decades of working to transform education, we also rejoiced over new partnerships, awards, resources and ways to showcase our mission. Here are just a few highlights from our Annual Report.

Students in schools across 47 states continued to find success through the visual instructional approach of ST Math. This year, we reached more than 1,200,000 students and expanded our impact to over 56,000 teachers and 4,300 schools.

Through our ongoing Profiles in Success series, we visited more of our partner schools to see the power of ST math in action and hear from educators and administrators just how the program is changing the way their students learn.


We also redesigned our organization website to showcase our mission and our partners. provides a deeper look into our approach to transforming education, as well as the research and social impact efforts behind everything we do. It also showcases the people who drive MIND’s mission, and the partners and allies who are helping us empower more students across the country every day.


Thank you to our partners who have joined us in our mission to ensure that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world's most challenging problems. Together, we have empowered many young minds across the country and will continue to do so much more.

Come celebrate 20 years of neuroscience, social impact and STEM education with us, and enjoy this look back on 2018. 


Kelsey Skaggs

About the Author

Kelsey Skaggs was the Communications Manager at MIND Research Institute. She enjoys highlighting the work of colleagues and partners who champion MIND's mission.


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