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#STMathChat Gets Educators Tweeting About Blended Learning

Educators are creating a digital community to share big ideas as well as small wins.

By Twana Young January 24, 2017

Educators from around the country met up on Twitter on January 12th to chat about creating blended learning environments via #STMathChat.

Many educators are using Twitter to communicate and share teaching ideas, strategies and tips. Here's one teacher's story on using twitter to create a Professional Learning Network (PLN). A PLN becomes a resource educators can utilize for feedback, questions and conversations from other educators around the world.

#STMathChat provides a digital space and time for educators to connect and share with other educators who are also using ST Math. We're building a community to discuss everything from definitions of current buzz words to actionable tips teachers can implement in their classroom tomorrow.

January's chat questions ranged from "What is blended learning?" to "How do ST Math and other resources support creating an ideal blended learning environment?" Here's some of the highlights from these questions:



The chat was also rich with great tips on how to implement blended learning and ST Math into the classroom:

For the full transcript, check out #STMathChat on Twitter. You can hit reply on any tweet to talk to that educator for clarification, or find them at next month's chat.

Join us on Thursday, February 9th at 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST for our next chat, "Personalizing Instruction Within A Blended Learning Environment."


Twana is Director, Professional Development, at MIND Research Institute. Follow her on Twitter @TwanaYoung.

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