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Why Students Aren't Maintaining Rigorous Levels of Problem Solving

New Video Shows Challenges Teachers Face and a Guide to the Rigor Relevance Chart.

By Calli Welsch February 15, 2018

Are your students still asking for the answer or hints, instead of attempting to problem solve on their own?

New educational standards have made the call for a different kind of rigor in math, that values persistence and problem solving over memorization of procedures.

But how can teachers find a scalable method to deliver rigorous content that helps students build a growth mindset and become creative problem solvers?

This video touches on the challenges teachers face when implementing rigor in the classroom, and offers solutions that enable all students to engage with challenging problems.

Watch the video:



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Calli Welsch is a digital media analyst at MIND Research Institute. She loves playing board games and editing their rules, which she often talks about on twitter @CalliWelsch.

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