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A Key Phrase In This School's Culture? "We Will Persevere"

Dennis Township Primary School celebrates perseverance and growth mindset with JiJi.

By Calli Welsch March 21, 2017

Dennis Township Primary School in New Jersey welcomed JiJi the penguin, from the game-based learning software program ST Math, during their annual JiJi Pep Rally last week.

JiJi waddled over to celebrate students' progress in the ST Math program, as well as their developments in perseverance and growth mindset.

Posters hung in the all purpose room included "We Will Persevere," "Welcome JiJi," and "Race to Argentina" (JiJi's last known location via postcard).

Why have a JiJi Pep Rally? Dennis Township shared why they use ST Math and integrate it into their school culture:

"The goal is for students to visit new concepts and build a solid foundation gaming through various levels and obstacles gaining a better sense of understanding and confidence in mathematics. We try our best to promote a JiJi culture throughout the school and encourage students to persevere and never give up."

Read the full article and see more photos from Dennis Township.

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Calli Welsch is a digital media analyst at MIND Research Institute. She loves playing board games and editing their rules, which she often talks about on twitter @CalliWelsch.

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