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Ohio Educators Get Excited about JiJi Culture on #OhioMathChat

Math and technology educators from across the state of Ohio met together during an #OhioMathChat via Twitter

By Twana Young March 2, 2016

Math and technology educators from across the state of Ohio met together online Monday at the first ever #OhioMathChat via Twitter.

Educators from Pickerington Schools, Cincinnati Public Schools, Liberty Union-Thurston Local Schools, Bay Village Schools and other school districts in Ohio dicussed strategies on engaging students in math using the ST Math program. Educators had great things to say about the game-based learning program, also known as JiJi Math (refering to the personable penguin mascot):

Educators discussed ideas on how to promote JiJi Culture to build a school culture around perseverence, math success, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Near the end of the chat, educators shared math success stories and strategies from their classrooms:

Keep on the lookout for the date of the next #OhioMathChat about integrating education technology into curriculum by following @JiJiMath on twitter!

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Twana is Director, Professional Development, at MIND Research Institute. Follow her on Twitter @TwanaYoung.

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