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Profiles in Success: Jacks Valley Students Become Confident Problem Solvers

How this Nevada school went beyond math drills to encourage creative problem solving with ST Math.

By Ieva Galinyte September 12, 2017

At Jacks Valley Elementary, a school in Douglas County School District in Nevada, educators were looking for ways to move beyond math drills and fact memorization. They wanted to equip students with tools to effectively and creatively problem solve, especially when faced with non-routine math problems like ones on state tests.

They adopted ST Math to encourage students to think creatively and develop deep conceptual understanding that applied to every problem, not just a few textbook examples. 

“Using ST Math is helping our students develop into critical thinkers. They're problem solving on a deeper level and they're excited about it.”

—Pam Gilmartin, Principal, Jacks Valley Elementary

With consistent ST Math implementation and a newfound excitement for math, Jacks Valley students are no longer intimidated by state tests; they welcome the challenge. 

Read more about how Jacks Valley got their students hooked on problem solving:

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Ieva Galinyte is an engagement assistant at MIND Research Institute. She enjoys writing about and keeping up with the latest trends in math education.

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