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Profiles in Success: Growing Mathematical Mindset in Early Learning

How this southern California school district is equipping its youngest learners with a solid mathematical foundation.

By Kelsey Skaggs December 5, 2017

At Pomona Unified School District in southern California, educators knew they needed a better way to reach all of their students when it came to math education. With a high English Language Learner (ELL) population, including many pre-kindergarten students, Pomona USD searched for a way to make math more accessible.

They decided on ST Math, a visual learning program that builds a deep conceptual understanding of math. Without language barriers, ELLs are now making the same strides as their peers. The district is also seeing these results extend beyond early learning.

"Elementary teachers can tell which students have gone through ST Math because of their confidence and lack of hesitation to take risks. In later grades, they’re grasping basic concepts better than those students not using ST Math.”

Christine Seitsinger, Child Development Program Administrator, Pomona Unified School District

Read more about how Pomona USD is preparing their early learners for academic success:


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Interested in learning more about ST Math? Request a 30 day free trial below:

ST Math 30 day Free Trial

Kelsey Skaggs is the Engagement Specialist at MIND Research Institute. She enjoys showing others how fun and engaging math can be.

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